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Daniel A. Crowder

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Probate Administration

My law office is able to counsel and assist with the administration of probate estates in all Indiana counties.  At my clients' option, I will serve as the legal counsel for a probate estate with either a fixed-price quote for the services to be provided, or at my standard hourly attorney fee rate.

Indiana law allows for the "unsupervised" administration of estates, if all the estate heirs consent to the unsupervision, or if a Last Will and Testament directs that an estate be unsupervised.  The greatest benefit of an unsupervised administration is that the probate court judge is not required to approve all the transactions entered into by the Personal Representative (also called an Executor or Administrator) of that estate, which thereby reduces the attorney's and Personal Representative's fees charged to the estate, since less time is required to prepare and file the documents seeking the court's approval of all the estate transactions.

Because not all estates should elect unsupervised status (depending upon the nature of the assets in the estate, or the relationships between the estate heirs), it is prudent to perform a costs vs. benefit analysis of a supervised or unsupervised estate administration.